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Associated Weavers


Made by Associated Weavers these ranges are luxurious to feel but very hard-wearing. Made with IVINCI SDO yarn they are 100% stain protected carpets

Available in plains and heathers and to cut down on waste they come in a selection of 3, 4, and 5 metres widths. These carpets have to be felt to get the real affect of the softness.

Stain Away

Also made by Associated Weavers. A collection of tough, hard wearing, bleach cleanable carpets that will withstand the roughest treatment. Add the feel of unsurpassed softness and you have a carpet fit for any room in the home.

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Everlon Easy Clean Carpets

Everlon Easy Clean

Supplied by Kingsmead Carpets, a selection of Twist and Saxony carpets in modern colours.

These are all 100% bleach cleanable and family friendly carpets.

2Ply yard to make them tougher and all come with a wear resist warranty.

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Hassle Free Carpets

Hassle Free

Supplied by Whitestone Weavers here you have a selection of Softlux 2ply 100% Hassle Free yarn.

With a great selection of modern colours and the benefit of having the same colours in different qualities, these are Ideal for any room in the home.

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Furlong Flooring

Furlong Flooring

Furlong Flooring's Regency Carpet brand offers 36 separate carpet collections, incorporating everything from luxury deep-pile carpet to hard-working value range carpets.


Each collection has a multi-colourway and style offering, giving real choice and quality, no matter what your budget. 

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Traditional Wilton  Carpets

Traditional Wilton

We have a selection of 100% bleach cleanable Wilton carpets in traditional Tartan, Floral, Stripe and Motif patterns.


These carpets give the room a feel of warmth and relaxation.

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*Offer applies to carpets over £11.00m2. 


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Hugh Mackay Wool Carpets

Hugh Mackay

A selection of Wool mixed Twist and 100% Wool Natural Loop style carpets. The Durham Twist range comes in a selection of 60 Colours 3 Qualities and 2 widths. These have striped carpets with plain colours to match. Ideal if you don't want a striped hall and landing.

The Natural Loop carpets have a natural and modern colour selection that give you that warm feel to your home.

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F & X Wool Carpets

Gaskell Wool Rich

The Gaskell Wool Rich range are a vast selection of wool mix Berber carpets.100% wool 80-20% mix and 50-50 mix. 

The carpets offer a multitude of options and modern styles to complement every room in the house.

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Penthouse Wool Carpets

Penthouse Carpets

A selection of carpets made from natural and durable British and New Zealand wool. Ranges that consist of natural and modern colours. .

Available in 2 weights that compliment any room in the house. The natural springiness of wool helps keep your wool carpets resilient over time and extends their good looks

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Thomas Whitter Wool Carpets

Thomas Whitter

Thomas Whitter are one of the oldest carpet manufactures in the UK. Using the very best British Wool yarns our award winning ranges cover a wide range of stylish finishes and colours, manufactured to the highest standards. 

There collection of award winning colours and finishes, from value for money to the pinnacle of style, the Thomas Witter Collection will have the perfect solution for your home.

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Kingsmead Wool

All their British Wool products are 80/20 twist piles available in 4 and 5metres allowing you the flexibility and choice in a variety of colours. 

From calm neutrals to vibrant bolds, they have a carpet to suit any room and style at an affordable price. 

The ARTWORK range has stripes with matching plains in a selection of modern colours.

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Mr Tomkinson

The Tomkinson twist is the worlds best-selling wool twist. Made from British Wool it comes in 5 different weights and 4 & 5 metres wide.


Mr Tomkinson do a great selection of wool twist and wool loop carpets mostly available in 4 & 5 metres wide. These affordable carpets are modern, hard wearing and will compliment any room in the home.

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